The story of John and Laryssa
November 26th, 2006 at 11:25 pm
Posted By: laryssa
Posted in: Poems


Fearlessly poised, eagle eyes magnetically

Fasten mine to yours;

In a homemade gill net I am caught in your grey sea depths-

Wise as dolphins, youth vibrantly pours forth,

Soundless waves echo, bounce and gyrate off ocean floor

Ping-ponging their way along a pinball trail-

As your spirit dives into empty air.

Your lithe body paints a freestyle dive on an empty air molecule canvas-

Each skin cell sheds cleanly, recording your energetic pulls at air strands.

I catch you

A smile lurks and quirks.

Again my eyes are fastened to your intense ones

And find that it is


who is captive to

your eagle eyes

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